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Complete site monitoring including SSL Certificates, Website Uptime, Broken Links and DNS Records.

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This is what Zone Locker has to offer. Check out our features.

Monitor Uptime

We check your sites every minute to ensure they are up. You'll be alerted if they are down..

Broken Links

We crawl your sites and check for any broken links. We'll let you know if we find any and where they are located so you can fix them easily.

SSL Certificates

We'll scan your sites SSL certificates and alert you if they are invalid or are nearing expiration.

Mixed Content

We scan you site for mixed content and notify you if we find references to insecure links.

DNS Records

We scan your DNS provider and store all DNS records. If we notice any changes we'll alert you.

Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts through a variety of channels including email and Slack. We'll alert you the moment we find anything wrong.

To date we've run over scans on sites.
We've also sent out notifications

How It works

Setup is a breeze. Just follow the steps below and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Add Provider

Add New Provider

Grab your API credentials from one of our supported providers and add them to your account. Don't worry, all API credentials are encrypted with AES-256 Level Encryption

Turn on Monitoring

We'll scan your provider and grab a list of your sites (normally DNS 'A' Records). Turn on monitoring for your sites and we'll start scanning and reporting back what we find.

That's It! You're Done!

Leave the rest to us. We'll continuously scan your sites and alert you if we find anything wrong.

Pricing Plans

All Zone Locker plans include all the monitoring features we offer. The only difference is the amount of providers and manually added sites that are included.


/ Month
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1 DNS Provider
Unlimited Sites Within Single Provider
Add Sites Manually


/ Month
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No Credit Card Required to Sign Up
2 DNS Providers
Unlimited Sites Within Providers
Add Sites Manually


/ Month
7 Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required to Sign Up
Unlimited DNS Providers
Unlimited Sites Per Provider
Add Sites Manually

Supported Providers

Zone Locker syncs with the following providers.